• I was contacted by Idona about some unclaimed property left over from a previous move several years ago.  At first I was extremely skeptical, but after doing some research I found everything that she had been referring to.  Impressed with her thoroughness I decided to hire her to recover this property.  Not only was she successful, but after she was done recovering several hundred dollars for me she was also able to recover substantial sums for my family members.  What was even more impressive was her ability to find some of these monies even though they were not listed under the proper names.  Several accounts of unclaimed property were found under my family members misspelled names.  Idona's thoroughness thus helped us to recover money that we never would have known was even there, even if we had looked!  Thank you Idona, you are awesome!!!" 

    Michael L.

  • In working with Idona Davis I have always found her to be extremely accommodating. Idona is an over-achiever who will go the extra mile to accomplish the goals of her clients. She is thorough in her research and highly professional in her work ethic. Idona works well under pressure and will strive to meet your every deadline. I would not hesitate to recommend Idona Davis to any of my friends or clients.


  • I have found Idona to be extremely professional in the coordination and promotion of health lectures. Idona has the skill to pull doctors from different fields together. Promote the lecture. Handle the facility location and logistics. All resulting in a successful outcome.

    Dr. H


  • I have known Idona for over 25 years Idona's determination and dedication to her work is what she does. As former CEO of ICC an International Company, a businessman and multimillionaire from an invention that worked and still does for our family, Idona has assisted on many projects for me and my company. After 25 years I'm still calling her back when I need her skills. Congratulations Idona for all your accomplishments.

    Steven Ziebarth

  • I have had the pleasure of working with Idona on many different events and important projects since 2002. She is always thorough, diligent and precise with a genuine concern for other people's needs and welfare in mind. She is an asset to her industry.

    R. Harris Zachry

  • I also contacted her on several occasions concerning a false mortgage that I was defrauded with by a local real estate company. She left no stone unturned, and got the real estate investigators from Tallassee involved. They came down to Inverness and with further investigations closed the real estate business down. This turned into an International Fraud Scam and made the headlines in Great Britain. However, Idona could not recover my money as the owner had fled the country. On moving from the UK to Florida, Idona had also been a great help to me weeding employee's out of my business that were also taking advantage of my naivety. I would not hesitate in using her services and skills in the future combined with her honesty, integrity and investigative skills.

    Paul Taylor

  • I first met Idona Davis at a health event she put on in early 2000. Our company leased a booth at the show and several well-known health lecturers spoke at the event. Since that time we have collaborated together on a number of products and projects and have numerous mutual acquaintances that we have met as our paths have crossed. Idona is extremely efficient and detail oriented and operates with an investigative reporter type mentality, so I am confident that she pays attention to detail and does her homework on the projects she gets involved with. She is very honest and trustworthy and a hard worker. I am confident that no matter what role she is put in she will succeed because she gives everything her best effort and she is very intelligent.

    Gregory Ciola

    Editor & President, Crusador Magazine

  • I am a retired senior, with a reverse mortgage. Upon qualifying for said mortgage, I needed to raise my house insurance. The next year, I received, my new insurance bill, and it was much higher. Sitting down with Idona and her computer for almost 3 hours she had contacted numerous agencies including, some Florida government officials, who readily agreed that what I was being charged was not right; from there she proceeded to get the insurance company to adjust the billing. In the long run she saved me almost $900 on my yearly house insurance. “Thank You” again Idona.


  • Idona cannot be beat in her ability to uncover or discover any information you may need.